One Child Nation

One Child Nation

Wednesday 6 Nov 2019, 18:00

Winner of Sundance Film Festival’s top doc prize, and hailed by Variety as “one of the year’s most important documentaries, One Child Nation is a powerful and chilling account of China’s  “One Child Policy” - the country’s extreme population control measure that made it illegal for couples to have more than one child and that lasted from 1979-2015. This critically acclaimed film explores the draconian measures taken to enforce the policy, which included forced sterilisation, full-term abortions, and child trafficking, revealing nothing short of a human rights atrocity, and the long-lasting ramifications of this extreme state control over women’s bodies.

Cast: Jiaoming Pang, Brian Stuy, Longlan Stuy, Peng Wang

Director: Zhang Lynn,Nanfu Wang

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